Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Meaningful Use and Consolidated CDA

I invite anyone who is interested in commenting on the ONC Stage 2 Standards and Certification Rule, and/or the HL7 Consolidated CDA standard, to visit this page within the ONC S&I Framework.

As you know Meaningful Use 2 has specified Consolidated CDA and the data to be exchanged with providers (upon transitions of care) and with patients (view, download, and transmit; clinical summaries after visits). But the mapping of the MU2 data to consolidated CDA has been fuzzy, so the work on that page is an attempt to clarify and help "harmonize" ONC's rule with the standard it references. I have a spreadsheet posted that explains this, and Keith Boone does too (and Keith has written extensively about this on his Healthcare IT Standards blog).

The time is short, as comments to ONC are due by early May. We are conducting this analysis via an open process facilitated by ONC S&I, in cooperation with HL7 Structured Documents workgroup.