Monday, November 21, 2011

A Harmonious HIT Thanksgiving

Since I’m traveling to visit family over Thanksgiving, I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a great holiday week. There’s always time to comment on what could be better! But now’s a good time to reflect on things for which I’m thankful in the HIT industry and my professional career. I won’t lengthen this post with all the personal reasons I have to be thankful, but they are many.
    1. I’ve worked in HIT for 34 years at one employer (SMS/Siemens Healthcare). Having a job at all is not to be taken for granted these days, and it’s much more than “a job” because I truly believe HIT, properly applied, can help people.
    2. I’ve had so many opportunities to interact with great people from healthcare providers, other vendors, the federal government, states, payers, pharmacies, labs, consumer advocates, certifying bodies, standards developers, and more, who have greatly enriched my understanding and competence.
    3. I live in a country where people are free to debate and disagree, but still work together, without fear of reprisal from the government. In fact, we have a government that wants to listen, as evidenced by ONC S&I Framework and public hearings and comment processes.
    4. My family and I have received excellent healthcare from many professionals assisted by HIT, and our lives are better (or some are still alive at all) as a result.
    5. My colleagues include many healthcare professionals, some of whom have given me high quality medical care, and who use the EHRs that we and other vendors develop, so they understand firsthand what works and what needs to be improved.
    6. There are increasing opportunities for me to be engaged, as a patient, in HIT.
    7. No one I know is satisfied with the status quo of HIT. We all want it to do more and better in terms of interoperability, usability, efficiency, and promotion of patient safety.
    8. There’s much exciting work ahead, so life in HIT is anything but rote and boring!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with harmony among those with whom you spend it.

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