Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What's Up With Me?

I'm back on the blog after being M.I.A.

I took an "early retirement" from Siemens, after working there for 35 years. My last day was September 30th. I've communicated that to many people privately, but had not updated my blog to reflect it. This was not an easy decision. I will always appreciate the many wonderful people I worked with at Siemens and also in the healthcare IT industry. It was great to share in the efforts of those who are so dedicated to improving healthcare.

Many have asked me what I'll be doing. I'm taking a few months off to reflect and refresh. Then I hope to have  a "plan for the plan" to tackle the "backlog" of life goals and requirements. (Apparently I haven't retired from business-speak!) I am enjoying spending more time with my family (wife, children, grandchildren whose numbers are growing, siblings, parents); pursuing my musical passions (piano and singing) and hopefully giving recitals/concerts; volunteer and church work; travel while we're still in good health; and possibly "something completely different" as the Monty Pythons would say! 

While I'll take a breather from HIT for the rest of 2012, I expect to remain involved in the HIT industry perhaps as a part-time consultant. I'm currently finalizing some work on the ONC S&I Framework Transitions of Care Initiative, specifically the Companion Guide to HL7 Consolidated CDA For Meaningful Use Stage 2. 

If I continue blogging, it will probably be on different subjects like music, so the "harmonious" will still be there, if not the "HIT." 


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  1. David:

    All the best planning for the plan! Selfishly from an HIT industry perspective I hope you'll continuee to have some HIT musings to share, but sticking just with music will make for some good reading as well! Enjoy!!